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Jackie Kong

Xiangzhe Kong (孔祥哲)

Tsinghua University

I am currently a second year Computer Science PhD student at Tsinghua University. My advisor is professor Yang Liu and I am glad to be affiliated with both THUNLP and AIR. I am also in close cooperation with professor Wenbing Huang from Renmin University of China.

I am deeply passionate about exploring the fascinating and wondrous realms of science, particularly at the crossroads of chemistry and biology. My current research in AI is driven by the profound curiosity to unravel the mysteries within these disciplines, and the practical pursuit of developing innovative pharmaceutical solutions. I am committed to leveraging AI to decipher the intricate connections between chemical and biological processes, with the ultimate goal of advancing both our fundamental understanding of science and the development of impactful solutions in the field of pharmaceuticals. Despite the acknowledgement that these aspirations may be viewed as idealistic, I firmly believe that actively striving towards these goals is a more meaningful pursuit than passively waiting, making the endeavor a worthwhile and fulfilling journey.


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